A simple file storage site with lots of perks

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Boris Berenberg
@imatincr · Atlas Authority
I have trouble trusting services which don't disclose pricing or monetization strategy.
Hussein shtia
@hussein_shtia · CEO Xcopy Inc / Data Scientist
David Rogerson
@doivoid · Product Owner of E-lucid
Simple but super useful. Little touches like encrypted or password protected files are great too.
Bikram Agarwal
Is it like imgur for files where user doesn't need an account to upload and share? How does it keep track of upload history, cookies? So, I can't use it on two different devices and see my history in both places? In other words, I can't use it like a typical cloud storage, correct?
Sam Ayres
@sam_ayres · Web developer
Please add: #selectedFilesDiv input { height: 50px; } Also the generated sharing links just 404? But clicking the file name above the input works fine