A simple file storage site with lots of perks

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Boris Berenberg
Boris Berenberg@imatincr · Atlas Authority
I have trouble trusting services which don't disclose pricing or monetization strategy.
Andy Parkhills
Andy Parkhills@aparkhills · Application Developer
Looks like a great product with a neat design, but same here. I also have a trouble trusting platforms (that I would consider uploading my files to) which don't have any clear and legit company information.
Christopher Leach
Christopher Leach@leachy114 · Programmer and Student
@imatincr yeah especially on edge because of yesterday's news too
Hussein shtia
Hussein shtia@hussein_shtia · CEO Xcopy Inc / Data Scientist
David Rogerson
David Rogerson@doivoid · Product Owner of E-lucid
Simple but super useful. Little touches like encrypted or password protected files are great too.
Bikram Agarwal
Bikram Agarwal@vicky_buddie
Is it like imgur for files where user doesn't need an account to upload and share? How does it keep track of upload history, cookies? So, I can't use it on two different devices and see my history in both places? In other words, I can't use it like a typical cloud storage, correct?
Sam Ayres
Sam Ayres@sam_ayres
Please add: #selectedFilesDiv input { height: 50px; } Also the generated sharing links just 404? But clicking the file name above the input works fine