Probably the world's most unique T-shirt brand

#5 Product of the DayAugust 10, 2019
NOFAME is a T-shirt brand with rules that are as simple as bizarre: Get a T-shirt with a random person on it, and another random person gets a T-shirt with you on it. With every shirt being unique, you will never see anyone wearing the same shirt!
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55 euros for a PoD is really high. I'd get some actual pictures as well as those mockups are horrible. Fun idea though!
@gabrielwildsmith Hey Gabriel, thanks for your thoughts! Unlike other Tshirt companies that mass print the same motive, every NOFAME shirt is unique and needs to be designed and printed separately, thats why the price cannot be so low. And next time i will get some models for actual photos.. Wanna pose? ;)
@gabrielwildsmith @simon_r Novel idea and great execution. Killer logo 😍. Only 55 euros as a price stopped me from buying a t-shirt. It felt less value for money as of now. I understand your point of printing every unique NOFAME shirt separately but i would suggest to start some campaign or discount period to bring the price down. Great work and keep it up :)
Hey PH Community! I am very proud to finally launch my monthly project from July. It’s an idea I had a long time ago, and finally had the guts to create it. It was a new step to go from website/design projects to creating a Fashion brand, and I learned a lot while doing so. I really hope some of you like the idea, and I am curious about your feedback!
Am I the only one that first has read "NOFAP"?
@baidoct The brain sees what it wants to see ;)
I absolutely love this idea
Interesting idea.🌟I like it👍