Manage your daily tasks in the command line

nodo is todo app that helps you organize your daily tasks in the command line.

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Markus Stefanko
Dood:Puzzle Planet,pitchXO,Tab Manager+
It's interesting - I'm playing around with it. It might make sense to make often-used commands more user-friendly : E.g. : "nodo some task name" - when first word/letters don't match a command and list, then add a new task to the latest list that you've added an item to. Saves typing "nodo add listname ..." and can be quickly undone if it was an error. "nodo" - to default to "nodo show" instead of "nodo help". ( maybe after first list and task created )
Rogério Vicente
Software Engineer, YLD
@mastef thanks for the suggestions!
Dailius J. HarberGeneral Manager
Not bad. What features do you have?