NodeSource Certified Modules

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Thanks for hunting NodeSource Certified Modules, @nikgraf - we've had an incredible response to our launch so far. Happy to see Certified Modules on Product Hunt! We initially started developing Certified Modules in response to hearing time and again from businesses that they needed to find some measure when evaluating the Node.js ecosystem. From security concerns at FinTech enterprises to companies just starting to adopt Node.js as a part of their stack being simply overwhelmed by the pure volume of options. Certified Modules build on our strengths - Node.js that's secure and reliable for production at-scale - with a twist. Building on the Node.js ecosystem, NodeSource Certified Modules is solution for automatic evaluation of the public Node.js ecosystem. In this, we've identified two different categories: First major traits that are deal-breakers for companies that are relying on the code they're using. Second, a collection minor traits that are quality indicators. Combined, these traits are evaluated on a module-by-module basis, and every module is scored based on the outcome of the evaluation.
We are building enterprise app servers in nodejs and seems like this will add more value in terms of building a secure server.
@sathishkraju Glad to hear that you see value in it - definitely curious what features specifically strike a cord and what features you'd like to see 🤔
From what I understand, you go through the modules already in NPM and perform a couple of certification measures on them.