Node Hypertext Preprocessor

Template engine for Node.js that does things the Node way

Node Hypertext Preprocessor is a template engine built on Node.js that employs the modular paradigm. It has no control-flow tags and among basic features, it has asynchronous rendering and allows you to utilize the entirety of the npm registry to render your markup!

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Hello! 👋 I'm Hristiyan, Full-Stack Developer at Oblik Studio. Over the last month, I've worked with Shopify and its overly verbose Liquid language, PHP which I like a lot for its simplicity, and Node.js with its npm registry and awesome flexibility. All of those gave me the idea for this template engine. After I validated my idea in about 50 lines of code, I made this my new side project and I finished it over the holidays. I wanted to know if the package is actually viable, so I used it to create its website. The answer is yes. I was able to organize things the way I wanted. I was even able to do some awesome tricks that weren't possible with PHP. I developed the website in under 3 days and I had a great time doing it. I like how the project turned out. After some feedback and eventually—some tweaks, I think it would become a solid choice for development. I'm open to all kinds of questions. 📖 Hope you find it useful!