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Nice website! Just downloading the app now. I'm seeing more and more news apps offering really short summaries. Summly had short blocks of text, quartz uses the SMS layout, Finimize is an email newsletter, and now bigger news sources are creating short, punchy videos, so it'll be interesting which approach takes off the most
Great app. As most of people around i do not really have time to catch up with news. Nod is the perfect middle for me!! <3
I remember using a similar android application before but sadly they had to shut down (can't seem to recall its name). Regardless, hopefully you guys are planning to release an android version soon! :)
Circa (now defunct) was my absolute favorite for summarized news because it included visuals like charts and maps (maps!!), and offered a huge list of sources at the end of each story. It also allowed you to track a topic or storyline, bookmark stories, and save articles to pocket. My favorite part is it didn't assume because you wanted your news brief, that you wanted a bunch of entertainment crap or needed dumbed down summaries with bright colors and stickers and shit. Obviously, I miss it--perhaps this can begin to fill that void.
@bellauccella I, too, am still mourning circa.
Don’t have enough time to read about all that is going on in the world? NOD. tailors content to your attention span. Everyday, discover the three most important stories in the news. Read a short or a long article about it. Whether you have 10 seconds or 5 minutes, there is great content waiting for you, handpicked from the world’s 100+ best sources... in English and/or in French.
@benoit @m_c_b have you guys thought about integrating the Uber Trip Experiences API to determine how much time the user has (that is, based on how long their ride will be)?
@chrismessina @benoit Thank you Chris for this awesome feedback! I haven't looked at the Uber API yet, but it looks like it would totally make sense. As a matter of fact, I had the idea of tailoring news to my available time while I was getting a ride back from the airport. The Uber API + NOD could help make this happen. Thank you.
@m_c_b @chrismessina @benoit That would be amazing! I often don't start reading news because I know I'll get sucked in when I have other things to do. It would be great to say, "Give me 5 minutes of news."