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As an early user of this app my favorite part has been changing my avatar constantly. I'm looking forward to being able to share those changes through Facebook!
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Thanks @jboitnott! I couldn't agree more - I've spent many, many hours coming up with new looks. Social sharing is on our radar and will hopefully be out very soon!
One good Nod deserves another? Reminds me of Bebo, actually.
@chrismessina I was about to say: "how does this differ from bebo"?
@chrismessina - thanks for hunting! <3 @sleinadsanoj - great question! I'm a huge fan of Bebo - the #hashtags and mini games are super fun! Currently, I really view our biggest differentiator as the animated nods. Likes photos and video, each are incredibly valuable pieces of expression and communication, but a video can deliver a more much immersive and engaging experience - this is what we are hoping to do with Nod.
Hey PH’ers! One of the makers of Nod here - we’re super excited to share it with the PH community. We started working on Nod late last year to attempt to improve mobile messaging in several ways: 1. Bringing the interactivity and feeling of face-to-face communication to messaging. How can we make a message thread feel like you’re sitting across from someone at a coffee shop? Messaging is an extremely effective utility but it loses a lot of the intimacy of an in person conversation without the feeling of presence. We’re trying bring these same “feels” to messaging with Nod. 2. Better nonverbal communication in messaging. Well over half of human communication is transmitted through non verbal cues and signals which are often lost in the context of messaging. Emojis, stickers, and .gifs are already doing a big part to help solve this, but we believe the personalization of Nods really takes it to the next level! 3. Identity and self expression. People have been using technology to find innovative and creative ways to express themselves since the early days of the web, but there’s never really been a great opportunity or channel to do so in messaging. We’ve worked really hard on our customization library to make sure you can always express your #currentmood. Personally, I’m a big fan of the cheesecake shirt. :-) We’ve got lots more on the way that we can’t wait to share with you guys! Fire away with your questions, feedback, and requests!
this is slick....
@jason thanks for the love!
I found it kind of fun to create my avatar and get started... It's like text messaging in technicolor! However, I am wondering when we will see this app on the android? :)
@annebot good question! Currently, we're super focused on listening to user feedback and continuing to improve our iOS app - new nods, new customization options, performance & reliability, and even some completely new features. :-) That said, we wanna get Nod in the hands of our Android friends as soon as possible. We just want to be sure we have all the right questions answered before making the jump to our second platform.
@robsilverii looking forward to seeing on android, my primary platform...