Anonymously text with people around you

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Hey, ProductHunt community! Nod - is an anonymous proximity messenger. The app started as a simple prototype in the office of small startup studio. We discovered super fun nature of anonymous ephemeral messaging, so decided to give it a try. The main thing here is the opportunity to reach people you are not connected online or offline. Now all the communication you get\send stays within your social circle. And its not that interesting and excited any more. We feel that there is a huge opportunity by changing this rules in the “messengers” field with anonymous close proximity texting. Check out our web-site -
@fo0x incredible design, love the idea, could be cool to incorporate mesh networking into a later version as well
This is a missing piece of digital communication. The one and only way to get in touch with people, without previous connections and get out of your social circle.
IMHO I don't see how this will succeed where other anonymous messaging apps (Hundo, Hey, etc.) have failed. These apps are cool on paper but ghost towns (bc of a radius limit) or super spammy (bc no radius limit, e.g. Hundo) in reality, and it's hard/impossible to find the magic Goldilocks in-between. Anonymous social networking doesn't have the same problem bc it's a more passive experience, & people seem to like that model more (Secret back in the day, Yik Yak now). I'd love to hear your thoughts though.
@bryantpeng agree. For these hyper local apps to work well a huge number of people need to have the app downloaded in a small area. I don't see how any new startup will achieve this. The only way I see hyper local stuff working is as a feature of an already very popular app.
I like the idea behind this great app. Good luck NOD team!
Interesting Idea! Good luck team.