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Sam Dickie — Founder of
Hi Product Hunters!

NoCode is a curated directory of the best free resources and tools that can help you create your startup. NoCode specifically only features resources and tools that anyone can use no matter what your background or prior experience.

NoCode scours the internet and selects the best free resources and tools so you can focus on creating your business. NoCode features over 100 free resources and tools, all of which have been tried and tested.

All featured resources have are free (or freemium), been personally tested and require little to no prior experience to use.

Two big influences of NoCode are obviously @bramk @bentossell - cheers for the supports!

Happy to answer any questions anyone has. Also, any suggestions for tools and resources would be much appreciated.
Gabriel Varaljay — VixT - Video mashup from texT
Very nice project for newbie internet businesses!
Sam Dickie — Founder of
@gabrielvaraljay Thanks Gabriel Much appreciated.
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