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Email newsletters, in our opinion, have had their day. Nock newsletters are built as webpages, so you can include video, media and other cool stuff. Once you've published, you can share the link on social, by email, by text msg and anywhere else you like!
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Hello. One day I realised that whenever I receive a 'designed' email I feel totally comfortable deleting it immediately. But if someone I know and trust sends me a personal email saying 'check this out' with a link - I click on it. This got me wondering whether I've been doing this email newsletter thing all wrong. If we build our newsletters online as webpages, we get all the benefits of the web (video, animation, audio etc.) share the link everywhere (social, email, text msg etc.) and track the number of views. So I built Nock with a friend of mine called Mark - and we'd love your feedback on: 1) Is it actually a good idea? Or will people always prefer to send email newsletters, despite their limitations? 2) Any issues you have signing up, getting started, building and publishing your newsletters - we tested a lot but no doubt missed things. Any feedback or guidance would be massively appreciated. Cheers Jamie
@jamie_hutchinson Just signed up and love it so far, think this could certainly be very useful. Only issues I've noticed so far is that the footer text is hard to see if you upload a light background image, and it doesn't seem like there's a way to turn an image into a link? — Fantastic work and best of luck with it!
@liammckay Thank you Liam. Two great spots. Very much appreciated.