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My name’s Claude and I’m the founder of Noble Brewer. We’re a subscription beer club that features the best homebrewers in the country giving the craft beer drinker access to great beers they can’t find anywhere else. The company was started because there are over a million homebrewers in the US, many of whom are making excellent beer. Yet due to burdensome regulations and the high capital necessary to start a brewery, most of us would never be able to enjoy their tasty creations and learn about these talented artisans. So to solve this we built a platform to showcase the best talent in the homebrewing community and later give anyone the chance to see their beer brought to life. We just finished shipping out pre-orders and are running a special 25% promotion for Product Hunters. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll respond or shoot me an e-mail Thanks for hunting us!
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@noblebrewerbeer @claudeb_mit Best 'no I'm not interested' button ever. Nice work. Color me interested (and thirsty).
@noblebrewerbeer @urbnist Thanks! credit to @lauralynnz Beer is about having fun, so that's the end experience we want to create. You get great beers, from brewers with interesting stories and you can make that into a fun night with friends that's better than just running to the store and grabbing a six pack of craft beer. Though several six packs have been harmed in the making of Noble Brewer.
@noblebrewerbeer @irvingtorresyc Hey Irving, thanks again for the support! Like the idea of a marketplace for home brewers to get their stuff out there.
I had the privilege of trying the inaugural batch of the Noble Brewer Yerba Buena Cascadian Dark Ale -- one of the best beers I ever tried! In terms of beer styles (IPOs, stouts), what do you think are the most exciting trends emerging?
@gerrithall IPAs I assume you mean? Though IPO might be a more frequent word on PH! ;) One of the most interesting emerging beer genres in my opinion is the Sour category -
@gerrithall @donaldhruska Thanks Gerrit! Glad you enjoyed the beers. We'll probably have to launch a few IPAs before we get to that IPO but craft beer is growing 20% a year so maybe sooner than you'd expect! Our long term plan is to crowdsource beers so we can easily do styles like sours, or barrel aged beers. They're more niche so we'll let our community pick which ones they want to see produced.
I've had this product. And it is amazing and tasty and delicious.
@mishachellam thanks misha! glad you liked it! can't wait for next shipment!
I like the idea! Sounds like a good way for some prominent homebrewers to get some exposure and time with serious brewing equipment. It does seem a bit pricey to me for 4 22oz bottles every 3 months though. I might go for it if it included the recipe and ingredients for a small 2-3 gallon batch of that particular beer. Sans yeast, that would probably be a cheap way to up the amount of stuff people are getting every quarter.
@nickoneill Thanks for the suggestions! Ultimately, our goal is to bring the homebrewers best beers to life. They don't always brew with cost in mind the same way a commercial brewery does which allows them to be creative and make awesome beers. We could substitute ingredients and make efficiency improvements but we rather deliver a craft product that's exactly what they intended to create.