The simple text assistant for you, your family & friends

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Meet NoApp, the simple TXT assistant for simple, daily tasks. No ex-machina or high-born, fancy pants bot here :). We set out to build a service that will be easy to get started and use for specific tasks. We hope you like it.
@voxpraveen How does this compare to
@isaacvandor - just met Carla! Thanks for the intro :) NoApp seems similar at the outset. In NoApp, in addition to reminders and calendar, we support notes and lists. We also let users share notes & calendars with people in their network.
@voxpraveen Awesome! Will definitely give it a try!
Very cool! Noticed that the reminder times round up to the nearest hour, i tried setting reminder for 8:30 am and it set it to 9am..
@drawby Thanks! Sorry, the reminder should not have done that. We had a few issues this morning that we had to squelch. It's fixed now. Let us know if you have trouble. Thanks again for using NoApp.
I've always wanted to be able to text Siri.
@bradenhamm Siri - she seems to have hearing issues a lot, not to mention not knowing how to work with my friends. Perhaps, it's her advancing age. I find texting more reliable ;)
What if I'm traveling and need to set a reminder in a different time zone?
@bradenhamm Working with reminders in different timezones is on our list of todos. You'll be able to do that shortly.
Looks cool - will try it today. Thank you!
@damjanski cool, let me know if it's useful to you. Love your tag line, btw.