No Shutter App

Only takes pics while shutter loading - all blurry - lol

The No Shutter App only takes pictures while the shutter is loading. That means every pic will be blurry. It’s really stupid but also fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You should try it!

Clemens Brandt
Lucas Nicodemus
Tim Speckhals
  • Clemens Brandt
    Clemens BrandtDirector of Digital Operations, BBDO NY

    Fun concept!


    Not an app to use all the time

    Love the concept, has a deeper meaning that we should all explore.

    Clemens Brandt has used this product for one day.
Always building weird apps, @damjanski. 😂 For everyone else, check out what he's made.
@damjanski @rrhoover he's taking my word very seriously xD
@rrhoover Thank you Ryan for the kind words :) & @amrith there’s more to come - we‘re developing filters for the app rn 🤣
The perfect compliment to the Yes Shutter app.
The perfect compliment to the Yes Shutter app.
Sounds so stupid, I'm not even going to waste 99c on it.
@frassmith <3 - wish dis would be your app review @ the app store :)