No Questions Asked

Get one new experience per week, for 6 weeks

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Bringing it LA anytime soon?
@s_haverford Would love to see this in LA :) !
@s_haverford @childishgester If all goes well...I don't see why not :)
Hey peeps! I just launched my latest project No Questions Asked. It's a challenge where you get one new experience each week, for 6 weeks, no questions asked. Finding things to do in NYC can be tedious. With No Questions Asked, I wanted to recreate the way people currently discover new places while experimenting with the paradox of choice. How many options do you really need if it already fits your basic criteria? If you're in New York City check it out! Either way, let me know what you think! :)
@kimmikye Well this looks 100% good and 0% bad. I told my whole office and a bunch of us signed up so we are looking forward to July. I'm a little nervous to not see any sort of monitization strategy though...
@paul_brenner that's awesome!! πŸ€— Lol perhaps I have something up my sleeve...πŸ‘€
Makes me want to be back in NYC so I can explore my hometown more. Sounds great!
@melissarios94 sounds like a summer trip is in order lol ☺️ Thank you!!