No More Voicemail

Callers have to text you instead leaving a voicemail

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Or just turn off voicemail πŸ™ƒ? Can't remember the last time I used/left a voicemail
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@bentossell most people don't bother to call their carriers to do that, or even know it's possible. Carriers do weird things once they've turned off your voicemail, like play messages or just hang up when people would have reached your voicemail. No More Voicemail is a little more subtle. Plus turning voicemail back on would involve another call and be more work than using our app :)
@natekapi what do you mean by "more subtle". wouldn't turning off voicemail have the same effect?
@natekapi It only takes me one SMS message to turn off Voicemail... I may have to google how to do it but all that seems less friction than needing to download a separate app just to deal with it?
@_jacksmith It varies carrier to carrier, but when voicemail is turned off at the carrier level some just hang up the call when it should go to voicemail and some play a message that voicemail isn't enabled. The endless ringing is more subtle, in my opinion.
@bentossell Really? Are you sure? I've personally never heard of being able to disable voicemail at the carrier level by sending an SMS. It would otherwise involve calling your carrier's support number every time you want to enable or disable your voicemail. So many of our TrapCall customers told us they don't like voicemail, but they also thought it was too much hassle to call their carrier to do this or they weren't even aware that they could do this. That's why we put this fun little side-project out :)
My voicemail asks people to text me, but I'd rather not get surprise phone calls ever.
@rrhoover I was under the impression that you loved phone calls...
@rrhoover sounds like you'll like the next app we're working on then! ;)
@rrhoover Mine does too! But people don't seem to listen 😞
Curious as to how this works. Isn't iOS too closed to allow this level of integration to hijack calls?
@stefanpretty Hey Stefan, I don't want to give too much away, but it works in the same way that 3rd party voicemail apps/services such as Google Voice and YouMail work. It's totally geeky, but totally legit. There's no "hijacking" here, just changing your setting where *unanswered* calls go.
Let me see how it works 1st, i second stefans concerns and ben has a valid point as well, do we really need another app on our homescreen just for avoiding voicemails fingers crossed
@nabeel_hanif Hi Nabeel, let me know what you think once you've tried it out. Stefan's concern is a valid one, as most people aren't familiar with some of these capabilities on their iPhones, but it's totally legit. It's the same feature used by third party voicemail apps, such as TrapCall (our other product), Google Voice and YouMail. I was a little confused about how you can disable voicemail via an SMS, but the reason we made this an app is because *most* people we've encountered aren't saavy enough to know how to do this or that it's even possible. We wanted to be able to make this quick and easy for the average Joe or the average Snapchattting-90000-times-per-day millennial who doesn't understand voicemail. I definitely realize that the app probably isn't "homescreen" worthy, but we're totally ok with that! It's not an app you should have to open very often. We still thought it was a cool service to be able to offer and show that our company can come up with, and execute on, these unique little communications ideas that no one else does!
@natekapi @nabeel_hanif That's understandable, but some screenshots or a quick video of how it works and what it will do goes a long way to gain the trust of potential users.
When my doctor calls me from a landline, he'll never be able to reach me?
@stephenmarklevi Hey Stephen, all your calls ring through to your phone as they normally would. We'd never want to interfere with how regular calls come in to your phone! Only your unanswered calls and calls you ignore - the same calls that would get sent to your voicemail - will get sent to endless ringing with No More Voicemail.