No Lick Music

Five no copyright tracks every week. Unsplash for music.

I'm talking with artists on a daily basis building the No Lick synth. Musicians realize music distribution is a way to promote yourself, and sadly enough no longer a major sales channel.

Our 2500 early No Lick users ask frequently if the app can be used to produce copyright free music.

1 + 1 = 2. Today marks the start of No Lick music.

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Thanks for creating this @bproost - would love to see more of a balance of non-vocal music for use in video and podcasts if at all possible!
@krishnade my pleasure! And unlike many djs I do take requests :) I'll make sure next batch includes non-vocal music as well.
@bproost I've added you to my curations and also my resource list for my digital marketing workshops too!
Reminds me of the early days of Noon Pacific. Where do you source the music from for now and how do you plan on scaling it @bproost?
@amrith Looks clean! Discovering new music has been a hobby of mine since childhood. The only thing I changed is: every time I get excited about a new artist I discovered, I check if they licensed their music and if not, I send them an email asking for approval. Unsplash is a great best practice when it comes to scalability. As soon as the collection is noteworthy I'll turn the site into a searchable library, but I'll never charge for anything. Instead right now there's a 'hire me' button at the bottom of the page (Unsplash is made by Crew, an agency that get most of their leads in through Unsplash). As a matter of fact I've been approached already just now for a new freelance job. Hopefully later, when the hardware synth is here, it would be a great way to boost sales for that.
@amrith @bproost Interesting! How do you make it searchable in a way that's helpful for the people looking to use this type of music?
@amrith @msitver I'm thinking tags would be at least just as important as genres. non-vocal could be a popular tag, but moods like uplifting, or scary could help too. Since originally I make synthesizers, adding samples (e.g. sound effects) is on the roadmap too. It would be quite easy to categorize and filter songs and samples, and suggest similar sounding examples on the go.
@amrith @bproost Mood is great. You should let users post embedded video examples of each song in use.
@amrith @msitver That is a very interesting idea!

This does exactly what it says it does, well. 5 tracks, every week. They are 5 good tracks as well. The ambition to be the Unsplash of music is bold, but if they get the right people on board, then I'd love to see it happen. The creator community is crying out for something like this. I hope you scale this. Nice work.


Great idea. Really liked the music. Free.


For this stage, none.

It's one of my favorite ways to discover new songs along with MP3 JUICE. I barely ever use another app for my music because these two, have everything I need. I find myself listening to music almost all the time, and this brings me joy and fulfillment. This is a great resource of copyright-free tracks, and because I signed up for the newsletter, I'm always announced when the five tracks are up. Indeed it's a great idea and I don't know many other apps that have such features. Highly recommend it.
I love this idea. This can be a huge boon for young content creators in the video and audio industries. For the artists, are there any plans to provide them with analytics or feedback so they can inturn grow their following (or get more opportunities)?
@nickjnish I've been thinking about that. Now that I fixed a problem from the video creator side, I'd love to think a bit more about the artist side too. After all, they are the generous ones making this all possible.
Wow really cool idea! Nowadays it's pretty hard to come by copyright free tracks/ images. Unsplash, Nappy etc are great resources and now this! pretty sweet πŸ‘Œ
@ben_ingignieri Thanks! Signed up to the newsletter on the site already? The email list just crossed the 2000 mark :)
@bproost No I haven't yet! But I will check this out πŸ”₯