No Lick

World's first multiplayer online synthesizer

No Lick is world’s first multiplayer online synthesizer. Get playing 🎹

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Hey Product Hunters! No Lick is a multiplayer online synthesizer that behaves like the synths you might know, except it doesn’t lead to connectivity, it starts with connectivity. Problem 😕 Unlike music discovery (Spotify/Pandora), music production is a lonely world. As an amateur musician I’m limited to my own network to find band members and it takes me a painful year of rehearsing and playing empty venues to validate: the first EP release. Solution 💡 Connect people from the very first few notes they play. If musicians work in an online environment, and we open it up to people eager to discover new music, we can use the data to connect musicians with similar or complementary talents, and assist them in producing music faster and better. Launch 🚀 Today is step 1 in validating our hypothesis. We receive all loops you create within the synth and feature the best ones in our loop browser. We’re keen to hear what you love and what you’re missing. We’re updating the synth daily with new features. Future plans 👨🏼‍🚀 Soon our loop suggestions will be automated and adopt to your playing style. We’re also working on a range of physical iot instruments. In July next year we host our first interactive stage on a festival featuring both on- and offline artists, and involving the audience. Can you think of other opportunities? Let me know what you think!

So, i`m not a music man buuut, i play a lot with no lick because their is so intuitive and fun. Congradulations guys!


Awesome interactive interface, So many possibilities


Not for me

Hey everyone - my good friend Bart and his team are building an online multiplayer synthesizer and they're launching a preview this week. He came up with the idea while we travelled the US in a stretch limo, but that's a whole other story. Enjoy 👌
nice, the retro synth feel, let's get some Kraftwerk loops going! :)

a whole synth developed on a browser, with no plugin nor downloads. Impressive!


Easy and fun


Can't wait for the collaborative features