No Interface (Book)

Read how we can escape our screen obsessed world

I wrote this book because of what we all see around us everyday, everywhere we go. Adults spend over 8 hours a day staring at a screen, drivers look at their phones instead of the road, and one of the most popular toys for infants is a smartphone. We've got problems. Here's the crazy thing: the basic structure of the graphical user interfaces we use on those screens were created 40 years ago. Today, our computers can do far more. The stuff we don't see -- the processors, radios, sensors, etc. -- have taken huge leaps forward. So much that it's actually possible to build amazing products and services that use no screens at all. We can live in a screenless world, and that's what this book is about. The best graphical user interface, is no interface. I'm so excited to have this released, and happy it's on Product Hunt today. It's been a several year effort, from my keynote at SXSW to the printed book available now. Happy to answer any questions. Here's to a screenless world.
@misbahspeaks Thanks Misbah! Hope you enjoy the book.
I like what this book is trying to do but I'm skeptical - most of us are visual learners and communicators. Haptic vibrations and sound effects require memorization and/or lots of priming. Will download the book and check it out though! ($23 for kindle version feels a bit pricey)
@tymrtn Thanks Ty! Really hope you enjoy the book. It's written in a very approachable way for anyone that is interested in technology. I hope it will be both really entertaining and really insightful for you. The book talks about the crazy things that are happening because we're glued to screens, and the kinds of great thinking some of the smartest people in technology are doing to get us away from trying to solve all the world's problems in a pixel-based rectangle. One of the core things I discuss in the book is how technological solutions can be made around typical processes, instead of centered around memorized procedures. I hope you'll find it to be a fascinating concept. Thanks!
@tymrtn @goldenkrishna can you give us some teasers of what to expect from the book? what are the serious negative consequences of being hooked to a screen?
@tymrtn @eriktorenberg Sure! How about an excerpt? There are many points made in the book, here's one that also gives you a good sense of the playfulness of the book: Hope you enjoy it!
I would also love to know about some of the issues with screens. They seem pretty great to me!
@jeffumbro Haha, sure Jeff! I shared an excerpt above to Erik that discusses distraction. Among other consequences discussed early in the book, there's a chapter about what happens to our bodies when we stare into light for 8 or 9 hours a day. I discovered some fascinating studies, actually discussed the results with the original researchers, even paid a fact-checker help me make sure it was all accurate, and bundled it all up into a fun chapter about Oprah. No joke. See Chapter 9 if/when you get your hands on a book!
I saw Golden Krishna speak at the Delight Conference in Portland and really enjoyed his talk. Congrats on the book launch!
@alancassinelli Thanks Alan! I really enjoyed speaking in Portland, and I think this book takes that talk to a whole new level. Thanks for coming to see me talk, and I hope you enjoy the book!
Gotta love the irony that I will read this book on my kindle! 💻
@kjemperud Ha! I actually proposed early on that we don't do a Kindle version for this book, but needless to say, the publisher pushed back. :) I'm glad they did, so you can read it! Hope you enjoy it.