No Excuse for Single-Use

Organic, biodegradable, reusable coffee cup made from bamboo

Every day millions of single-use cups make their way to our landfills. About 1% of that is recyclable. The remaining 99% will take decades to degrade. Joe Cup was created with that in mind. It's organic, biodegradable and reusable. It's made from the most sustainable raw materials available in nature. It’s BPA and phthalate free.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Nice idea but $90 for two including the cheapest delivery option seems a bit steep.
@fontalamh we currently only offer free shipping in the US. We are working on building our international distribution network.
How do you make bamboo look so good @joeortiz 👀🎍
Great job!! 😊 Would love to buy one !! Looks interesting
Idea is in the right place.