Jobs for developers without degrees

Find developer jobs that don't require CS degrees. The only place to find jobs for bootcamp and self-taught developers. All jobs listed are with employers that care about your skills, not what piece of paper you have.
Hiring? $75 a job.
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Hey everyone - I've been looking at job adverts recently and it really bugs me when I find a great looking position only to find the last line says they require a CS degree. I'm self-taught so I want to apply for jobs with companies where that isn't a problem. Now things are getting better but it's still really hard to find these jobs where a CS degree isn't a requirement. So I've put all these jobs in one place! Let me know what you think in the comments πŸ˜€πŸ‘‡
@petecodes big fan of this - most of the most talented coders I've met don't have the piece of paper saying Computer Science on it. Good luck!
@maddoxjack Thanks Jack! Not sure if you are aware but I also run a blog where I interview self-taught devs as well from the like of Marc from Beta List to Lydia Hallie.
@petecodes As someone with a CS degree I feel attacked :D Seriously though, this is cool. We spoke on /r/entrepreneur about this the other day, keen to see a follow-up on how the pricing changes affect conversion
@rossdcurrie Thanks Ross!
It is great to see Pete's nocsdegree evolve into a brand on its own. Congrats on the launch!
@svenvdz Thank you!!
Nice work here! I love the concept! Keep it up Pete πŸ™Œ
congrats Pete! cool to see you helping people like yourself
Congrats pete!!