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No Code List is a curated list of nocode software, with endorsements from members.
πŸ› 150+ tools in 39 categories
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πŸ“„ Separate list of nocode resources
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No Code List was started as a list on my personal website, but it's grown into a legitimate resource, and it’s becoming a community. To push the community aspect, I just launched member profile pages and software endorsement upvoting! Members could already endorse the software they love, but now they can upvote other endorsements and show off their own "stack" and expertise on their profile page. No Code List is possibly the largest hand-curated collection of no code software. I rely on submissions, but I also pull from Twitter, Product Hunt, public and private Slack groups, and personal conversations. Each week four new nocode tools are added to the list and sent in a weekly email. The site itself is built using Ghost, Airtable, and Zapier (plus a little code πŸ˜‰).
A brilliant resource and quite frankly has come handy when I need a quick lookup. Thank you for building this and sharing w the community @truedrewco :)
NoCodeList was probably one of the first l resources I found when I discovered NoCode. I went from panic about this new thing to total calm when I found it. The structure of the categories is amazing. It’s so much better now with upvoting, user profiles and stacks. Gotta go add mine. Thanks for keeping this alive.
@edmundamoye Really amazing to hear! Thank you! πŸ™
This is a really good resource for anybody who's into no-code/visual development!
THE WIKIPEDIA OF NO CODE TOOLS... I love this @truedrewco