No-Brainer Watchlist

Discover new movies and TV shows, keep track of watched ones

A simple app to quickly navigate the vast amount of movies and TV shows coming out these days.
· Scroll through the list of suggestions
· Hover for details and useful links
· Personalize suggestions with filters
· Drag and drop to move between columns
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Hey! 👋 This is a simple app that helps to quickly navigate the vast amount of (English) movies and TV shows coming out these days. You can filter by genres, release years and rating. Results are ordered by either IMDb or RT rating (represented by the yellow bar). Hovering over the item reveals more details and useful links. Holding Control or Alt or Command or Shift while hovering shows a selection of reviews from RT Top Critics. Combining hovering with scrolling you can literally rest the mouse over the first column and browse through a ton of information just by scrolling. For those who prefer watching at home there is an option to suggest a movie only if the disc/web version is out. Another useful feature is being able to filter by multiple genres at the same time. Say, you're in the 90's Romantic Comedy mood - select the year range, check both Romance and Comedy, switch to "All of the above" and there you have it. There are a lot of "watchlist"-like apps and websites out there, but nothing that I looked at was as straightforward as this. I hope someone will find this useful as well. Right now it saves locally in the browser. In the future an option to register and store your watchlist in the cloud might be added. No mobile version at the moment - might come in the future. Thank you for your attention! 🙃