A smart sales bot that's integrated with your database

NLSQL Bot is a chat bot, which helps people get requested numbers from database using natural language. NLSQL can be integrated to chat application you are commonly use, - Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. as well as using webchat within webpage.

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Dear, PH community! I’m founder of NLSQL bot and I’m super exited to show you guys what we’ve created here. That is bot for business, which can reply you with graphs and numbers requested from company database using just natural language. We created AI bot, which transforms natural language into database language and provides users with requested results. We believe that our invention will change the way users cooperate with information. If you like, go ahead and visit our website, all hunters gets -20% discount if you add subscription today. I’ll appreciate your feedback and comments whether it be positive or negative, so we can develop further. Thanks!

I have used its test db on automarket via Skype. The bot answered quickly and exactly the thing I had asked for


Ability to get information fast, easy and in intuitive way using questions in chat as if you were asking it your friend or collegue


Haven't noticed

@Sergii Dovgoshiya Appreciate your feedback :)

I think it is next level of communication with analytics. :)


Easy to use


may not recognize your enquiry due to grammarly mistakes(not sure)

@Yuriy Krokhmal Thanks for feedback :)
Used it and loved it...
@razkarmi thanks for hunting :)
Cool product, but no mention of pricing ($99 / month) until I signed up.. (or on the bottom of "how it works" page) which I dislike.
@baidoct thanks for your comment :) for sure we'll improve our UI as per pricing info. great note!