A better iPhone camera for shooting film

Nizo is the most elegant way to shoot and edit video on iPhone. Celebrating extraordinary artists exploring fashion, art, music, and culture.

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Hello everyone, We wanted to make the most beautiful filmmaking experience on mobile. Simple to use with a high-quality output. Most filmmaking apps adopt the desktop experience or are focused on fast, scalable social video. By creating an experience that is native to the mobile we hope to encourage a renaissance of creative filmmaking. Love to hear everyone's thoughts and how we can make the product better.
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@imagemechanics love the marketing materials... so how different is this app from what's available via Apple's stock camera app?
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@chrismessina thanks, Chris! And thank you for the hunt! Apple's stock camera app is great for shooting a single clip but offers no editing. Nizo tries to strike the balance between shooting and edit. Nizo offers the ability to shoot multi-clip videos with real-time color grading. As you shoot your clips form your video. You can then edit this with simple editing tools.
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What would be the reason behind the price mark and where would it be any different than a dozen plus similar apps on the market?
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@lyondhur thanks for the questions! Selecting a business model for the App Store is tricky. We're an independent developer and were keen to steer away from a free model, as the mechanics behind in-app purchases tend to compromise the user experience. Our thinking was to charge a fair price and increase value as we go. But we are mindful that the price is premium on the App Store. Love to hear your thoughts around pricing? In terms of product differentiation, a big factor is the app design and how it works. Many creatives are now embracing moving-image, (creatives not coming from a more traditional filmmaking background) but don't identify with the current tools on mobile. Current tools tend to be "pro", with the kitchen sink making the tool inaccessible to many, or unpleasant to use, or social – designed around fast food style video, with a compromised output. We are also fostering a community of artists experimenting with moving-image.
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This looks very cool. Couple of practical questions I'd love to know the answer to: is it possible to change the colour grade for a clip after shooting? Does "Export to Camera Roll at full-HD" mean that 4k footage will be exported at 1080p? After recording a number of clips, finishing an edit, and exporting, can you later return to that edit?
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@iamsebj Hey Seb, Thank you. Currently its not possible to change the colour grade after shooting. A colour grade is selected within the viewfinder, and grades in realtime. A little more detail around grading, there is an option to shoot natural (non-graded) iPhone footage, whilst each of the grades has a unique formula, such as grain and light leaks. Nizo’s editing is non-destructive, you can continuously edit any of the films, even after export. Your films remain in your library where you can return to them. Nizo has been designed for a flexible work flow rather than a very specific linear one, you can also move clips from one project to another, with drag and drop. You can also shoot new clips, inside an existing film. For exporting, if you record your clips in 4K, the film will be exported in 4K resolution and if recorded in 1080p will export at 1080p. However, if you have a project shot in 4K and shoot a new clip in 1080p, the film will export at 1080p, our thinking behind this was to ensure 1080p video wasn’t scaled-up to 4K ratio and loosing quality. We would recommend if your device supports 4K shooting, and you have enough device storage – to shoot 4K, it offers greater flexibility in post. Nizo uses HEVC on supported iOS/devices.
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@vickitourtouras Thanks for the information! All seems reasonable 😄
Love this! Can I email you some suggestions? If so, what's a good email to reach you at?
@danielkuntz0 Thank you, yes please do.
Want to try! Can I have it for free?