Nitrous Pubstorm

Deploy static websites to a superfast global CDN in seconds.

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PubStorm is a front-end web publishing and hosting platform for static websites and single-page javascript applications. Host your personal website, blog, your company's landing pages or sophisticated frontend javascript applications. PubStorm works great with static site generators like Jekyll, Middleman and Hugo, as well as javascript web frameworks like Ember.js, React.js and Angular.js.
Why use this over github pages?
@allnick PubStorm gives you SSL support on custom domains, lets you set up free Let's Encrypt certs with one command, provides rollbacks etc.
@raingrove @allnick Yes the offering is more than github provides. Sounds interesting already. I always wanted to start similar because static site offering is limited and always pushes you back when you need a little more. Happy that someone has come up with.
@raingrove cloud flare provides free SSL for github pages and custom domains
It seems pretty exciting, I think I'm gonna use it for my personal blog, thanks :')
Nitrous is a great platform and this is awesome!