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ajhit406Maker@ajhit406 ·, formerly
@nitrousio co-founder, Product Hunt user #70 and long time PH lurker here =) For those who haven't checked out Nitrous.IO yet, here's a promo code specifically for product hunters that will give an extra 50 N2O which will get you additional Memory & Storage on your development boxes: And since we didn't have any Cyber Monday promo, here's a special Product Hunt coupon for paid plans, equal to 30% off any plan for 3-months:
Peter Jihoon KimMaker@raingrove · CTO, Nitrous
@nitrousio Co-founder and CTO here. Please let me know if you have any technical questions.
Andres Torrubia@antor · CEO,
@raingrove I use it to teach some coding (meteor) to my 9 yo (he completed the survey... Give him his free N2O credits)... Any plans to incorporate single click push to Heroku? I want to hide the dubious world of servers from him for now...
Peter Jihoon KimMaker@raingrove · CTO, Nitrous
@antor Deploy button is definitely in the pipeline. If you want to be included in the beta program, please email
Nathan BashawHunter@nbashaw · Head of Product at Gimlet Media is awesome. We use it in some General Assembly courses to help our programming students get their dev environments set up quickly
Michael Carrano@michaelcarrano · Mobile Software Engineer in NYC. is really great to use when you interview candidates for engineering roles. No need to worry about getting a machine setup and you can then review the code later with the rest of the team. I think it also helps candidates feel more at ease since they will be working with a more familiar IDE and not a Google Doc that isn't meant for coding. If you aren't interviewing in person, then the collaboration feature is really good way to do live coding together.
Will Lam@will_lam · PM & Marketer
Used as a learning environment for rails - it's awesome and lets you hit the ground running.