Lightning fast cloud development environments

@nitrousio co-founder, Product Hunt user #70 and long time PH lurker here =) For those who haven't checked out Nitrous.IO yet, here's a promo code specifically for product hunters that will give an extra 50 N2O which will get you additional Memory & Storage on your development boxes: And since we didn't have any Cyber Monday promo, here's a special Product Hunt coupon for paid plans, equal to 30% off any plan for 3-months:
@nitrousio Co-founder and CTO here. Please let me know if you have any technical questions.
@raingrove I use it to teach some coding (meteor) to my 9 yo (he completed the survey... Give him his free N2O credits)... Any plans to incorporate single click push to Heroku? I want to hide the dubious world of servers from him for now...
@antor Deploy button is definitely in the pipeline. If you want to be included in the beta program, please email is awesome. We use it in some General Assembly courses to help our programming students get their dev environments set up quickly is really great to use when you interview candidates for engineering roles. No need to worry about getting a machine setup and you can then review the code later with the rest of the team. I think it also helps candidates feel more at ease since they will be working with a more familiar IDE and not a Google Doc that isn't meant for coding. If you aren't interviewing in person, then the collaboration feature is really good way to do live coding together.
Used as a learning environment for rails - it's awesome and lets you hit the ground running.