Nitrous Chrome Application

Our new powerful chrome app with native keyboard shortcuts

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I have being using Nitrous since the release, its being a long road, and the new Nitrous Pro is just mind blowing. As a rookie developer being able to start coding in any languaje just creating an account without going through a painful instalation process is just great. This have being a really great tool for working in ruby on rails projects while using the old comfortable windows. This Chrome Application is great for coding anywhere, work faster than the web page, in seconds you can have a powerfull IDE working with all your projects!
I am one of the makers of Nitrous. AMA.
@raingrove what is Nitrous?
@chrismessina @raingrove Hey Chris, Nitrous ( is a new way to develop software applications entirely in your browser. You can create isolated dev environments for each of your projects, and you can snapshot and share those environments quickly and easily. To edit the files in a project we have a web-based IDE similar that’s similar to Sublime Text. If you invite a friend or colleague to a project, you can also edit code collaboratively similar to Google Docs.
@ajhit406 cool! Thanks for the explanation!
@raingrove could you please explain what is the difference between nitrous and other competitors like OR ? I've been testing this tools lately, we want to choose one for our company and they all look really similar. Try to sell it to me, we may be customers forever ;)
@deambulando I'd say that the biggest difference is that Nitrous supports custom Docker images for container creation in advanced mode. Nitrous also provides dedicated hosts for your environments, which means better performance and full superuser-access.