Nirow 2.0

Habit Tracking: Automated, Siri-ed, Calendar-ed, and More!

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Nirow is an Automated Habits & Goals Tracker app with Calendar Integration and Siri Support. It helps you log your activities without opening the app.

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  • Kirk Guerrero
    Kirk GuerreroUX Designer

    - Nice design, I love the way they combine black and green color


    - Not so far

    Been following these guys since Habitify 3.0. They have not let me down with their design. Keep up the good work!

    Kirk Guerrero has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    For Daily activities this app making everything is easy!



    I love this app. Very nice and beautiful UI!

    Nurkamol Vakhidov has used this product for one month.
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Dallas Allison
Dallas Allison@dallasallison · UI/UX Designer, Craftwork
Wonderful app! But hey I checked the App Store. As far as I see, most habit apps on the market is going for one-time purchase. But yours is going for subscription model. Is there any real reason behind it?
Alan Ng.
Alan Ng.Maker@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 · Marketing Manager at Habitify
@dallasallison Hi! Thanks for your feedback. I know that this model will come as a "maybe not..." for many people, but the world trend is shifting from One time purchase to Subscription model (as you may have seen in many start-up business strategy right now). Just try not to miss it.
Deborah Woods
Deborah Woods@deborahwoods3 · Intern at Sapsyss IT Services
@dallasallison @tuanmon1604 Yeah the subscription model is the only thing that makes me hesitate to pay. Also the price is a bit higher than Habitify (yep, I'm a big fan)...
Alan Ng.
Alan Ng.Maker@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 · Marketing Manager at Habitify
@dallasallison @deborahwoods3 I understand your concerns. Even in our team we have been fighting a lot to come to this decision. It will be self-promoted if I tell you why the price is "worth it" here, so I would suggest giving Nirow a try for only a month, then you make the decision :) No worries, you can cancel the subscription anytime.
Jenny La
Jenny LaMaker@duyen_la · CMO of Unstatic Company
Hi everyone! First of all, thank you @_jacksmith for hunting us. I would like to introduce Nirow, an Automatic Habit & Goal Tracker, Version 2.0! 🎉🎉🎉 .. Story: When I was a kid, my parent forced me to do many healthy habits (I didn’t like it at that time), like waking up early or excerising every morning. When I grew up, like any one, my life becomes busier with lots of distractions. I no longer remember to do such habits. Those distractions are just like many “arrows” that hit straight to my “knee”, which stop me dead on track and cannot pursue good habits. I tried bullet journal. I tried apps. It either took lots of time or require me to manually log my achievements, which I often forgot how much I’ve done to do so, or worst, I would forget to mark that habit as complete. That’s why I created Nirow (“Knee”+”Arrow”), in the hope of bringing me back on track by minimizing my effort to remember habits and constantly motivating me with my little progress. Nirow’s core function is to help me set goals and automatically track my habits, and measure my progress with different metrics. .. So what’s hot in v.2.0 ? 🔥 Renovated progress look All graphs and metrics are truly simple and understandable. 📅 Calendar integration: Have a true overview of what your days will look like with Calendar. 🔊 Siri integration: You can mark any habit as done with Siri voice commands. 🌛 Dark mode!!! Yes yes, I know, who doesn’t love dark and green on the same screen? 🔍 New ways to view habits You can view habits by Time of day (Morning/Afternoon/Evening) or Completion status (Completed/uncompleted). I hope you find Nirow useful! We are open to any ideas & feedbacks! Jenny
Nguyễn Hải Yến
Nguyễn Hải Yến@nguy_n_h_i_y_n1
I'm really in love with Nirow as it can automatically track my habit. Also it's super easy to use even you are new. I've already recommended Nirow to my parents, who are low-tech.
Alan Ng.
Alan Ng.Maker@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 · Marketing Manager at Habitify
@nguy_n_h_i_y_n1 Well from my experience with the elderly it's best to explain to them what a phone can do first. Did you see the video where a grandma used an ipad to chop food on?
Chi Mai Đỗ Trần
Chi Mai Đỗ Trần@chi_mai_d_tr_n
Pretty interesting idea and very simple to use once I started with the app.
Alan Ng.
Alan Ng.Maker@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 · Marketing Manager at Habitify
@chi_mai_d_tr_n Thanks Do Tran! Did you drop your email to receive the Premium Code?
Bruce Truong
Bruce Truong@bruce_truong · Guest Service Agent
Extremely convenient for organizing my life and planning my days. It's so easy to use and makes my daily routine much less of a hassle. Once I set everything up, the app streamlined my daily activities. Highly recommended for people wanting to start beneficial habits.
Alan Ng.
Alan Ng.Maker@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 · Marketing Manager at Habitify
@bruce_truong Thanks Bruce! I like the part "streamlined"!