Automatic habit & goal tracker

Nirow is a fully automated goals & habits tracker app. Integrated with Apple Health, Fitbit, RescueTime and Location to help you log your activities without open the app.

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Hey Product hunters, I'd like to introduce our newest app called Nirow. After 2 years of building productive apps, especially habit tracking app (Habitify), we’ve found that all of current habit trackers (include our app Habitify) are missing something to really help users engage with the app and form habit faster. * Traditional methods: - Manually logged: Users have to open app everyday to log their activities, causing tiredness and demotivation. - Lack of customization: Customization is the best part of paper logging if you've been using paper or notebook before, you can customize your own book, paper by drawing, sketching... Because it's yours, not anyone’s. - Incomprehensive data: Hard to compare the data, for example you'll have to switch between Apple Health and Habit apps to see the impact of your newly formed habit, let’s say Running - Bodyweight * Nirow modern methods: - Automatic tracking: Nirow helps automatically track your activities, so you won't have to manually log anymore. This is supported by many well-known services: Apple Health (Health Activities), Fitbit (Health Activities), RescueTime (Time spent on PC, mobile), Location (by place you visit). We know some of you still love the feeling of ticking “done” your habit, so we didn't remove the manual logging system yet. - Highly customizable: You can customize almost everything in Nirow. App theming, Timer durations, Watch App folder, Today Widget folder and even the Notification Sounds. We believe you could make Nirow your own app :slightly_smiling_face: - Initially, we have 4 type of cards for you to compare the results of your new habits (Photo Album, Weight, Calories burned, Sleep Hour), as well as view the impact of such habits on some aspects of life. Still, plain text cannot describe everything. A lot of exciting features are waiting you to explore. We can't wait to see what you can achieve with Nirow! Your feedbacks and suggestions will be more than welcome. We will be on PH all the time to discuss.
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Looking forward to the improvements on future updates.


The concept overall is excellent and very helpful to make you more productive


Need to improve some areas to make it run more smoothly

Thanks @elias_arosemena . The next updates will surely be a lot of improvement ;)

I've been trying the app for about 1 week and still sticking with it, though some features is not working well. Looking forward to the next updates.


Great UI, the idea of automated tracking is phenomenal.


Can't edit habit, the completed goals don't disappear

Thank you @_jacksmith for hunting us . After 2 months of working, our team including 4 people (fantastic 4 huh?) decided to develop productivity app called Nirow: An automatic habits & goals tracker. Now users don't have to log into the app and check their habit off anymore Please give us your feedback so we can make the app even better :)

I think if you can make the on-boarding clearer, it will be easier for users to enjoy the app. But in general, this app is potential :)


The idea of the app is great, clean and beautiful UI, working pretty good


Still working not so smoothly but believe you guys will improve it after several updates

Hey, Thanks for your feedback @kirkguerrero . We'll release our next update soon. It is really promising :)