Visual programming language IDE on your smartphone 📱

Niomatic is a comprehensive manageable solution which makes it possible to develop and design diverse IoT systems with user-friendly interfaces. Connect, manipulate, assess, monitor and control a wide variety of equipment with promising software prepared by Niomatic team. Zero-code contains these 3 layers: Back panel, Front panel and Run layer.

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This looks ambitious @mehrdadpajuhaan 🙌 Any plans to make this available on iOS too?
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@amrith Thanks.Yes, we are working on iOS and web application too. In fact, we are supposed to implement this platform on micro-controllers like ARMs.
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Soon the world of applications give their position to Applets. Definitly everybody prefers to Install just one single application instead of dozens of application which meets the same needs.


Easy-peasy UX and gorgous UI. I do admire the environment of app which really helps to make an Applet rapidly.


There is no example of Applet inside the application that confused me a lot.

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Can’t seem to find any showcase of stuff built on the platform.
@tsyinka Soon, we will publish open source software and hardware projects related to this platform.