Nintendo Classic Mini

The NES is back... but it's mini!

#4 Product of the MonthJuly 2016

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Meanwhile, you can play 900+ retro arcade games in your browser here, but first buy the bluetooth SNES controller.
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@rrhoover LIKE it! :) Reminds me of even older stuff... anyone know Wings of Fury?!?
@rrhoover It is a shame they didn't add the innovation of the day (which really came with the SNES) - the 'multi-tap'. Nintendo was equally the pioneer of multiplayer games.
@rrhoover yea true that...I still use or "someone I know" uses an NES emulator. I am pumped for the mini but still think this is cool. Technically its probably legal since I owned all those games.
Are they also shipping a game cartridge that you have to blow into to make it work?
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@ejameswill the games come preinstalled on the NES.
@naseem_raad I know but it would be so nostalgic to have to blow on the game to make it work
@ejameswill oh hahah sorry misunderstood you!
take my monies
@bentossell I'm having flashbacks already.
insta-buy. Need to raise my kids right without breaking the bank trying to re-collect the NES system and games I had