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#2 Product of the DayDecember 22, 2017

Ninja Outreach is a tool that helps you find influencers in any niche, build lists, and launch campaigns in record time.

Version 2.0 comes with a fresh new UI/UX and complete rebrand. They've also added a ton of features over the last several months. Check it out!

  • anuj
    anujCo-founder, Shuffle. Product Person.

    None unfortunately in our experience


    Trick you into trial-ing and forgetting with terrible customer service

    They make you trial into the highest paid version, with zero notifications thereafter if your trial is over or when they charge for the next month. On reporting this to them, their response was cold and a variation of 'your problem'. Felt scammed, but maybe this is their understanding of subscription models - optimize for people forgetting about the tool.

    anuj has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Basic tool that doesn't cost what they charge


    Absolutely dishonest company behaviour

    I wanted to jump on trial and trey tried to charge me 621 USD without any notification, after I tried to cancel the trial, but my card was charged, I can't get refund and their support is a full silence, horrible!

    Alexandra Malis has used this product for one day.
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Mark Samms
Mark SammsMaker@ninjasamms · CFO
Hi All - thanks for checking out the new version of NinjaOutreach - the all in one influencer marketing tool. Years ago NinjaOutreach started as a mere desktop application... which everyone hated. Today, we're proud to announce a completely new design of the web application and website - it's a whole rebranding. Happy to answer any questions! Also, enjoy the 10% off any NinjaOutreach plan for the first month with coupon code HUNTERS2017 (valid until Dec 25th)
Savvas Zortikis
Savvas Zortikis@savvaszortikis · Co-founder & CEO at Viral Loops
@ninjaoutreach can’t wait to try the new version out 🎉
Product Pearson
Product Pearson@productpearson · Product Manager @ Property4Media
@shastnyy Lol, I watched National Lampoons this week :D
Jignesh Gohel
Jignesh Gohel@jigneshgohel · eCom Consultant - Founder @ OLBUZ
I heard a lot about Ninja Outreach and found this! Will give it a try soon and will publish my detailed review at DigiFloor.
Evgen Schastnyy
Evgen Schastnyy@schastnyy · Marketer
@jigneshgohel Wow, nice to hear that! I will appreciate the heads up when your review will go public.
Naman Bhutani
Naman Bhutani@reachnaman · Sales Specialist
Congratulations guys! NinjaOutrach is an amazing tool. Good luck! :)
Evgen Schastnyy
Evgen Schastnyy@schastnyy · Marketer
Svetlana Shevchuk
Svetlana Shevchuk@svetlana_shevchuk · Marketer. Event manager by nature.
Great tool and professional team! Good luck!
Evgen Schastnyy
Evgen Schastnyy@schastnyy · Marketer
@svetlana_shevchuk thanks a lot!
Galina Divakova
Galina Divakova@kengu_rut · 5 years in mobile app advertising
Congratulations on relaunch, guys, and thanks for the discount!
Evgen Schastnyy
Evgen Schastnyy@schastnyy · Marketer
@kengu_rut thanks, enjoy!