Prospecting and outreach CRM

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Mmm not a lot of information about the product ? Looks sweet and the price seems pretty affordable.
Hey guys - my name is Dave and I'm the founder of NinjaOutreach. We're glad to see our product here but unfortunately it was submitted without much information. I'm happy to answer any questions. Cheers! PS, my email
@selfmadebm Great product! What does the lead generation consist of?
@stvmcg For example, Let's say I wanted to search for executives on Twitter in the email marketing space. You can use our social search and filters: Or if I'm looking for marketing agencies, which have an email address and are based in the UK. You can use our content search and filters: This is just the prospecting part. You can manage them in the CRM and do direct outreach via email to them.
@selfmadebm Awesome examples. Thanks Dave!
Congratz! We need many outreach tools as SEO professionals. What are the major differences between Pitchbox and NinjaOutreach? Thanks.
@yigitkonur Major difference is price. Pitchbox charges around $50-$100 per client per user, whereas we charge only for the user and allow unlimited clients, so we're must cheaper. That said, they have a more robust automated software.
Looks really cool. For the email outreach, will it send using my own email account (G Suite) or do the emails get sent by your servers?