The faster, better and funnier way of making mockups

When you’ve got a good idea and want to share it with someone, it’s nice to have an easy-to-use tool that lets you mockup your idea and share it with others. We made NinjaMock with that purpose. To let our users sketch their idea fast with no need of special drawing skills or design skills. Making mockups, wireframes or just sketches is the first step in making app or web design. This comes before high-fidelity design because you want the viewers to react on your idea and UX, not on the colors, rounded corners or other design things. In the early phase, design can be a distraction. NinjaMock lets you visualize your idea fast. You can share it with colleagues and get feedback right in the app. You can even let colleagues work with you on the mockup in collaboration mode. This shortens the approval time when working with clients and it helps developers identify functionality gaps well before starting the expensive design and code phase. We have worked hard to make NinjaMock as easy to use as possible. We have also made it very easy to get started. You can start making mockups without registering. NinjaMock is free to use for up to three projects (full functionality, but with some NinjaMock branding). Paid options starts at only $12/month. NinjaMock is made for app or web developers and designers, marketers and entrepreneurs. Online collaboration and sharing functionality is available in both the free and paid version. We also integrate directly with Iconfinder and this gives you access - we think – to the biggest collections of icons. ProductHunter discount We really appreciate being on ProductHunt, and are therefore giving all ProductHunters a special 30% discount. Give us your feedback Please give us a try and give us feedback. Either here on ProductHunt or on The more feedback we get, the better NinjaMock can be.
we use that it very good tool for mockups
@hussein_shtia Glad you like it :-)
Enjoyed using NinjaMock a lot. Simple, intuitive and free for personal use. Good luck!