Anonymous Peer-to-Peer Prediction Exchange on Ethereum

Ninja is a peer to peer Prediction Exchange that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Smart contracts guarantee payouts, decentralized tech ensures 100% anonymity. Predict any outcome of any event, create your own odds, and win cryptocurrency.

Apple is going to reintroduce the headphone jack. Germany’s gonna win the World Cup.

What do you foresee?

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Hey Hunters! We built Ninja because honestly, if you wanna play any sort of prediction game, the options out there are pretty grim. Anyone with any interest in the world we’re building continually makes predictions. It’s one of the few chronic human conditions that are actually fun.. Unfortunately, current prediction platforms suffer from centralization - opaque payout mechanisms, odds twisted to profit the house - ok so now there’s no more house. Since bookies and books literally exist to spoil the fun, we got rid of them. Seeing as no one can be trusted to hold your data nowadays, we decided to ditch that entirely. Sign in with your private key only, no email or phone required. Ninja lives on the mobile web, so you don’t even have to download anything. Ninja is now live on the testnet and will migrate over to the mainnet in a matter of days. Please pelt us with questions and send us feedback, encouragement or abuse - we’re so excited to hear what you think.
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@duyhtq now i found the way that would help me rich! Come on WC! ^^

Cool !


looks a little more user friendly than some of the other crypto prediction platforms out there


are they limited for not having a desktop version?

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Cool. Just the right time for World Cup, guys!
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@d_qu_c_d_t awesome :) that's the plan! may the odds be ever in your favour.
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Finally I would be able to choose my enemies well, yay!


Prediction Exchange and cryptocurrencies, pretty cool guys!


More currency options besides ETH would be good

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Interesting. This might be just what I need to win my luck!
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@truonglong88 yes you'll be able to create our own odds.. so you'll really make your own luck!