Nineteenth Amendment

Digital Project Runway for emerging fashion made in the USA

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Hi Everyone! I am the cofounder and COO of Nineteenth Amendment. It's very exciting to be on Product Hunt. Really appreciate your up votes, and happy to answer any questions you might have about Nineteenth Amendment!
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@gsole is this a crowd sourced fashion market place? What are some of your competitors?
Happy Friday! I'm Amanda Curtis, cofounder and CEO of Nineteenth Amendment. Thanks for voting. I'm here all day to answer your questions about Nineteenth Amendment, US manufacturing, our technology, and our designers. :)
Amanda and Gemma are two of the most passionate/driven/creative founders I know. Awesome to see the progress!
Thank you @sebfung ! It must be an @startupinstitute thing ;)
@sebfung I would like to second Sebastian's statement here. Amanda and Gemma are two ass-kicking name-taking ladies.
Still here kickin' it with the rest of the team at @ebaynyc ! I know you have burning questions about how to make the #fashion industry harder/better/faster/stronger ;) @gsole @lucysthinkings
Not sure companies should be able to be named after Constitutional Amendments. IMO
@thinker valid point and something we've thought a lot about. We didn't want to be another "Fashion this, or runway that" fashion tech startup... We chose Nineteenth Amendment because the Nineteenth Amendment gave everyone a voice in democracy, and we're giving everyone a voice in the future of fashion. Also, an amendment is a change to an existing structure that once worked but no longer does. The way that brands launched into the fashion industry 110 years ago doesn't work with today's ecosystem.
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@thinker I don't know. There are a lot of bars named 21st Amendment.
@SacBookReviewer @thinker yes there's one in Boston that we visit when celebrating Nineteenth Amendment milestones ; )
@amanda_curtis @SacBookReviewer @thinker i exclusively refer to my biceps as the second amendment
@eriktorenberg @amanda_curtis @SacBookReviewer @thinker I'm starting an AirBnB for soldiers called the third amendment.