Create a time lapse video of your pregnancy

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Take a daily picture of your belly during the most miraculous period of your life. Make a time lapse and share it with the people you love. Take a picture. Everyday. NineMonths is very simple. 2 steps and you’re done. Take a photo of you everyday during your pregnancy. Press the « play » button. Share your happiness. From Sinacosa Studios @
@michaeladaixo perhaps we should team up so you can recommend to your users :)
How to best describe the app. I wonder :P Maybe it would be best to show the latest review from a happy person, from the appstore "The best pregnancy app I've seen! by Mummabear500 This app is seriously glorious. I wanted to truly capture my pregnancy, the growth of my belly in a way I could watch back quickly. The Ninemonths app is so easy to use and to create my own pregnancy time lapse. The ghost picture and rulers are genius and the video generation is everything I want it to be. I will be telling all my newly pregnant friends about this app!!" Makes it all worth it, doesn't it @sinacosa ? :D
@michaeladaixo but.... but.... is the app out more than 9 months already?
@jannis @michaeladaixo ahah nope. but you can create the timelaspse at any time, and continue to take your daily picture ;)