Ninchanese - Android App

Learn Chinese with a gamified Chinese learning app!

Ninchanese - Android App is a gamified way to learn Chinese



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Tim does WebGLHunter@cssgrafics · Javascript and Performance Enthusiast
This app is the perfect "addon" for my Pleco Chinese dictionary. Pleco for the serious learning and homework word lookups, and Ninchanese for gamified learning on the go.
Andrew Roth@rothandrewm · Customer Success at RocketBolt
@cssgrafics This looks great! I've been lacking the motivation to stick with my lessons; I'll definitely give this a shot.
Thanks for hunting us @cssgrafics! Happy to be here as we just launched the Android App! Let's get the cats dancing :) We're here if you have any questions or comments!
Jean-Rémi LaisneMaker@jean_remi_laisne
Hi, ProductHunt! This is Jean-Rémi from Ninchanese. Today, we're incredibly excited to announce a new world on Ninchanese - the most advanced way to learn Chinese Characters. With the help of Dr. Loach and Dr. Wang’s findings, we give you the ability to easily learn Chinese characters in a new highly optimized way. It’s all in an all-new world to explore on Ninchanese. Learning Chinese characters is not only daunting: it’s also inaccessible to most Chinese learners. For most Chinese learners, the majority of the time is spent in silence writing disconnected characters so learning Chinese characters is reserved to those who have the willpower to persevere until they’ve memorized them all. Furthering Ninchanese’s mission of making Chinese language education accessible to all, this new world is here to realize a dream for a lot of Chinese learners. When Chinese characters make sense, they become dramatically easier to learn. By learning new characters and words in a science-based logical order, you optimize your learning efforts. In other words, the more components and Chinese characters you learn, the easier and faster it becomes for you to learn new characters based on the ones you know. It’s a breakthrough in how the Chinese characters are learned. You can read the result of this research here. And here one of our first feedback: "I think this is very useful. It helps me to distinguish similar sounds and characters and also characters that share the same sound. It also develops character recognition." We like to think of this new world as your most effective way to learn the 10 000 Chinese characters that are on Ninchanese by learning first the ones that will give you the most benefits. We're so excited to finally share this ground-breaking way of learning Chinese characters with the world and as always, the Nincha team is here to answer any questions you may have.