Social network where achievements = assets 🏙

Nimses is the first social network that turns social achievements of real people into the real asset. Every person produces the new form of value: 1 minute = 1 nim; 1 person = 1 account. In Nimses real people mine real value just by being alive.
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Nimses is a huge concept based on a simple thing. One minute of human life. A nim. By integrating blockchain, Nimses turns every minute of every user’s life into an asset called nim. Nimses makes time both digital and tangible: past time stays on a user’s account and becomes available for future use. Whether actively using the app, or not. Your time is yours. On Nimses people do what they are used to doing: they post, communicate with others, create communities, explore new places and strive to be noticed and appreciated. For doing all of that, they get nims and reach new statuses. The more nims a person has, the more reach a person gets. This is what makes the concept of Nimses so huge, for everyone. In the global social environment Nimses gives billions of people the means to accumulate their social capital and use it anywhere online. As a ready-to-go product, Nimses was launched in 2017 and quickly gained 5 mln users. After 2 years of polishing, Nimses re-launches itself with its latest Showcast feature. The Showcast is a brand new geo-based crowd storytelling tool. Not individual stories or videos, but as a trending series that any user can contribute episodes to.
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@sliver86 Well, best of luck. It's hard for blockchain projects to get adoption from mainstream users, but it would be great if it succeeded.
@sliver86 a readytogo product? Are you taking the piss? Its as if you love all the bugs on the apps. This latest update its disgraceful I'm ashamed of using the app in public the trending ones are the porn hentai and lolis posted by kids and viewable to other kids. I can't introduce it to my friend otherwise they think I'm on some wierd stuff. As an individual who loves the app and future concept I am furious with the direction it took itself showcast its flawed as @michael_boes pointed out down below. I started my own showcast yesterday night and this morning I woke up with extremely racist follow up to my showcast and if I delete those episodes I wont get paid when the show is over. Your latest reviews are filled with with negative comment on the play store. Its as if you want the app to die you guys haven't progressed to shit but created even more problem than it has. I really hope you revert to the post variations.
Really happy to see here a product that I’ve been following since 2017. And newest features to the app looks very interesting. Best of luck!
Hi everyone and thank you, Matteo, for hunting us! My name is Victor, co-founder and COO of Nimses. We've built Nimses to change the way we perceive and value online interactions. Since our initial launch in 2017, this has always been a work in progress, but what you see on the app right now is a thriving young global community that we want to take to the next level. Your support and feedback here will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! We are thrilled to be here!
@victor_strelbitsky Well Mr COO of nimses... are you happy with this new state of nimses (filled with NSFW content posted by kids)? are you happy with the reviews you've been getting recently in both play store and iOS app store? This update was something that nobody asked for and yet it's so important to you while you keep CONFIDENTIAL and silent the things we so ask for nimses goods and exchange. I was really excited for the future of this app but you guys are playing ball. This update is embarrassing.
The concept is truly amazing. I remember when I first heard about it in 2017, and thought that the idea of an app that pays you for your life quite crazy. Very interesting to see how Nimses managed to mature over these years.
@burdaiev Thanks! We've changed quite a lot. Check out the new showcast feature!
Nimses has revealed to be a scam by promising a real worth outside of the social media app. With exchange option being removed from the nimonomy. Nimses at this current moment is a data grabbing app with no promises being held.
@unlikem3 we are sorry that you feel this way about our product. the notion of "worth" is so much more than just exchange and goods and we are seeing that our users are finding real worth in their nims worldwide even without these features. The issue with exchange as a product within the Nimses ecosystem involves a great amount of legal work (i.e. you need a set of specific licenses to do it legally worldwide), which we are actively engaged in and will keep the community updated on these efforts.
@victor_strelbitsky I'm not hating on nimses. I believe that nimses has potential to change the world single handedly. The fact that you can get paid for the time that you live in it's an amazing concept but you've promised this features for more than year and since you removed goods and exchange (and yes you had it active before) and haven't given us any updates about it and kept quiet ever since. We wanted the features you've promised. The app feels dead as more than half of my followers have left or deleted their account because it feels the same as any other social media app with nothing new.
@unlikem3 your too focused on the exchange and money. A social network is supposed to first focus on people you meet in the app & recognition based on using the app. Everything else can be added later. It is not a scam & has been forever growing to help people feel motivated while using Nimses. It’s a great idea that needs a lot of work. - HangingWithDan
@skadoosh157 I understand but I can easily switch to tinder or yellow if I truly wanted to meet new people. How can I be motivated to use the app when more and more people around my location leave the app as time goes by? This app was promoted to gullible kids with promise of a wealthy-like financial figurative future. As I said I'm concerned because I care about the app as the impact potential can be world changing in hope that is not a scam.
@unlikem3 you can meet new people in the apps you've mentioned and you can also meet them offline. what we offer is a new way to treat what you do online, to digitalize it, if you like. our current users are not there for the cash or exchange, but for the new social game-like experience that we've created.