Simple and flexible payments gateway

Add Nimipay to any website and start accepting cryptocurrency, and indirectly - credit card payments, in a simple and privacy-focused way.
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Nimipay source code: Nimipay is based on the Nimiq JavaScript blockchain. The only blockchain that is in your browser and requires no installation. Nimiq is Crypto 3.0 - it provides the level of simplicity that can be intuitively grasped by any layman. Anyone can create and secure Nimiq wallet in seconds. Furthermore, Nimiq is based on the essential cryptocurrency values and principles (security, decentralization, client-side key management, PoS). With the new Nimiq Hub API, it is now super simple to start accepting payments on any website. Nimiq Hub API: Powered by the API, Nimipay creates an overlayed UI for the interaction with the user's NIM wallet, shopping cart, and items. Nimipay allows the user to add items to a shopping cart and pay for them. After the user makes the payment, its transaction hash is returned for the backend validation. Then after the transaction is confirmed, the user receives the new item. It can be seen under the Items tab. Being a modal window, Nimipay is shown on top of any website, and without the need to re-design the website in order to integrate a webshop. Nimipay is only ~30 kb. To make this possible, some rough simplifications were made. The code is vanilla JavaScript/PHP, just a few hundred lines of code. It's free to use and open source. You can extend and customize it.
@giekaton This looks like an awesome solution but I keep getting stuck at the on the wallet creation process.
Hi @francisco_ramos I have double checked the situation with the Nimiq developers and it seems that everything is working fine. Maybe you are using a very old browser, or there are some connection issues. To fix this, first check your browser's console, maybe the answer is there. If it doesn't work, Nimiq community (Reddit, Telegram, Discord) is always ready to help you.
Loved the concept. Would like to have your product on our listing platform as well. We also have a team of industry leaders, Angel Investors and CEOs on the platform who give a word of advise/review/feedback on products. It's all free. Would love to see you there