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Put your digital books, magazines and comics onto our Cloud Bookcase. Manage as you please and read on your devices, for FREE. Nimbooks supports popular formats as epub, mobi, pdf, cbr/cbz, fb2, lit, azw and acsm, on both e-ink readers and mobile devices. (still Beta: works on desktop Chrome only)

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Hi all! Been working on this project for quite some time now and thought would be a great thing submitting it to ProductHunt! As an avid reader I've felt for along time the lack of some kind of tool which would allow me to really be able to purchase my readings at whichever content vendor I wanted, then read them whenever and on whichever device I wanted. Nimbooks covers that necessity and more. At last, managing hundreds of manga is not a nightmare, searching for any issue of Hacker Magazine is possible from my mobile, and reading the latest Humble Bundle Fantasy book bundle on my Kindle, or Tablet, is piece of cake. Thank you for giving Nimbooks a spin and (hopefully) upvoting it. There's a lot more to implement, so all feedback is welcome both on feature requests and bug founds. We're available either here or via chat on Nimbooks. See you around!
@nicklekuona This is a genius idea! So does Nimbooks function as an ecosystem that supports all e-content?
@abadesi Glad you find it useful! :-) Intention is that you can use Nimbooks as your single repository for digital book/comic/magazine content, regardless of file format or source. You can consolidate your Kindle, Kobo, Google Books, or Humble Bundle stuff, with or without DRM, and read on the device of your choice, be e-ink reader, smartphone or tablet (we even convert formats if the target device does not support the original book file, say epub into mobi, or cbz into pdf). We even take care of fulfilling eBooks protected with Adobe DRM, so you don't need to use the dreaded Adobe Digital Editions app again; just borrow an eBook from your Overdrive-powered library, or buy from Kobo/Google and give us the acsm file: we'll do the DRM wrapping and deposit the eBook on your cloud bookcase. Obviously, some choices will still be incompatible and we won't be able to do anything about it (i.e. you won't be able to read Adobe DRM protected content on your Kindle, thank you paranoid publishers) but, at least, you'll have everything in a single place, we'll help you navigate the restrictions and, if any of your content vendors disappear one day (remember Sony, anyone?), your content will still be in your own cloud storage bucket so won't go poof! We're planning on adding Audiobook support too! ;-) Did I mention we have APIs for booksellers so they can send the eBooks straight to your Nimbooks Bookcase account, so zero downloads for you? (ever had to download a 500 MB a piece, 50 comic bundle from Humble Bundle? Then you know how this can be a real life-changer...) Could talk all day! XD Cheers!
Hey, @abadesi, see what you did! In this short while at ProductHunt we jumped to over 300 users on 52 countries, and we manage now over 17,000 eBooks for them, WOW!
@nicklekuona πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ so exciting!!
@abadesi Actually, in the time it took for you to see this, we went over 18,000 eBooks with users in 55 countries now!

Amazing product, getting better all the time.


Multi-device support and excellent customer support


We have to wait for more features, that's the only bad thing...

Thanks, Juan, for being with us from our humble Alpha days. Your backing means a World to us. Cheers!
Woah! This is awesome! I'm definitely giving it a shot! Here is the first feedback > Registration mail didn't work in Windows's native mail app :)
@thatakke Oops! Looking into it right now... back in a sec...
@thatakke Send us an email to and we can check your email in private to get this straight (guess posting it here is not a good idea)...
@nimbooks @nicklekuona I managed to make it work with ;)
@thatakke Good to know you found a way! Must understand there was something wrong with the way MS Mail handled the confirmation email? Bad HTML rendering maybe? We'll check that...
@nicklekuona It wanted to open an app that opens "custom" extension, so asked me to search in the store for an app, I think it's a manageable problem :)
If I understood correctly, I can use Nimbooks as my digital book library online? i.e. I can upload my epub (and other format) ebooks to Nimbooks, categorize them any way I want and then read them in desktop browser / mobile apps?
@vicky_buddie Yup, you got it right! Consolidate and organize your stuff, curate and rate, then read on smartphone/tablet or e-ink reader. Reading on the computer is on our wishlist too...