Nimble For Good

Charge your phone without trashing the planet

A line of USB-C and wireless charging accessories made from environmentally responsible materials

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These are nicely designed! What's next for Nimble?
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@jacqvon Thanks, Jacqueline. Appreciate the feedback! We kicked things off with portable chargers and wireless power, but will be launching new product categories soon enough.
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Finally a company who pushes design while trying to use eco-friendly materials. Nimble makes outstanding charging tech that looks great and leverages the founders’ years of battery expertise. Highly recommended.


Environmentally conscious tech at competitive pricing


None that I see

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Love the eco friendly packaging 🌏


Non retail pricing, E-waste recycling program!



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This is innovative packaging for what looks to be an absolutely amazing line of products. Can’t wait to replace my anker chargers that continuously let me down. Nice work Nimble!
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Nice. This is one of those products that really has potential to kick it off as 3D printing becomes more mainstream. Eco Friendly tech is always the way forward. Great job guys.
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@productpearson Thanks Ash. We agree! 3D printing actually uses PLA, which is a bio-based plastic.
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