A Wolfram|Alpha® menubar client for Mac OS X

Nimble is a simple Wolfram|Alpha® menu bar client for macOS.

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Hey @joshtrommel — this is cool! I'd love to pipe data into this via Alfred. Thoughts on how that could be hooked up?
@chrismessina Huh. Do you do this with Wolfram Alpha on the web? If so, do you use a script or is there a workflow we could be pointed towards? (Great idea to feed it straight into nimble though)
@chrismessina Thanks, Chris! One of our to-do items is adding a URL scheme, so once that's added you'll be able to pipe data into Nimble with nimble://query To make things easier we'll probably make an Alfred plugin for Nimble as well.
I hear the devs are pretty cool dudes ;) Nice work @JoshTrommel!
I love menu bar items + bartender :)
Awesome idea. This will make occasionally looking up demographic data to size markets, etc. even easier. Thank you for making this.