Use your fingers to control devices w/ gestures (pre-launch)

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 14, 2014
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Nimble is a gesture control device that fits comfortably on the wearer’s fingertips. This gesture control technology turns the 15 feet in front of any screen into a highly interactive control area, in which your fingers can be used to magically control a screen, presentation or game. Sub-millimeter accuracy paired with incredibly low latency makes Nimble the ideal gesture control system, and the hardware expansions allow for up to eight users, which is more than any competitor like Fin,Myo or Leap motion
Not trying to be a skeptic, but they really don't go into details on how this is going to differentiate itself technologically. I understand that it is "better" but how? The flexible funding and lack of any explanation beyond using "machine vision algorithms" makes me think.
@blainehatab Using a unique ring sensor combination, we are able to enhance the accuracy and latency. It also allows us to do a good amount of noise reduction at the hardware level itself. The ring is an active device which communicates with the sensor through a specific wavelength range. With Nimble, we have tried to overcome the common problems like drift, lag and low accuracy, faced by bluetooth based devices. As far as applications like Gaming, 3-D modelling, cursor control and Virtual Reality goes accurate 3-D position data is a must.
@abhishek21593 Thanks for responding! I understand how the added ring can decrease noise and increase accuracy, but I don't quite understand how it decreases lag. The only way I could see it making lag time decrease is if the ring sending the signal is faster than a camera finding an object and reading it's motion. But I don't see how it would be able to decrease lag time compared to any of the other bluetooth enabled motion control devices because the bluetooth connection is going to be your speed limiting factor. I love the concept either way, but more information is always useful :).
@blainehatab There is no bluetooth technology involved in Nimble. It is purely computer vision based. Due to high noise reduction at the hardware input level, we have very little data to process. Therefore the processing time is reduced to a couple of milli-seconds. Queries are always welcome :)
@abhishek21593 Great, makes sense. Thanks for the answers. Best of luck with Nimble! Big fan of machine vision technologies.
@blainehatab Thanks a lot :) If possible do back our Indiegogo campaign. Regards
There is a product called Nimble that's a second gen CRM system founded by Jon Ferrara. This name confuses me, although I see why it's a good name.
@hardaway Yeah, Nimble is a great name. It means quick and light in motion. This was the reason we chose this name for the product.