Uber for cash (SF only)

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Cash is still a necessity sometimes (a surprisingly large number of bars only accept cash in SF) but an ATM is never that far away and most likely faster than a courier.
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@rrhoover I believe this was originally inspired by @jordancooper .. Link above.
@rrhoover Also where are the mentions of security or protections? This seems like a great way for a brutal armed robbery.
@rrhoover Good points, also ATM fees are usually less than or equal to $5.
Great way to make yourself look like a street corner drug dealer too.
I'm confused how they make money, even if they layer in tips - $5 isn't enough to pay the couriers.
@_jacksmith Yup, this just doesn't scale. Maybe if it was a percent but at $5 they have to make 30 deliveries a day to make it worth wild.
@jordancooper often mentions this from time to time in the wildcard office, fun to see it come to fruition in a way. I always thought if someone was to do it, it'd be built on the "venmo graph" and be more peer to peer than courier - worker based.
Definitely not an everyday app, but there have been a couple times that I wished something like this existed (Forgetting my debit card in SF on a trip to NY, and waiting on a replacement card from BofA) Also, for anyone wondering. It's free for a limited time, and then will go up to $5 per delivery - so for the time being, no service fees.