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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Pre-sale went live yesterday! Will be awesome to see when the team develop this further into other unwanted ingredients. Here is a clip from Fox's national TV morning show @scottsundvor can you tell us more about the story behind Nima 😀
Scott Sundvor
Scott SundvorMakerHiring@scottsundvor · Co-Founder, 6SensorLabs
@bentossell of course! Shireen and I started this company from a shared personal pain point - we both have to be really careful about what we eat. Shireen has multiple food allergies (gluten being the worst), and I have several food intolerances. We thought that it should be possible to test your food proactively to know what's in it, so we created Nima! Our first product can test food for gluten in about 2 min or less, we're in the process of developing test for dairy and peanuts, and we'll continuing developing other tests from there. Our vision is to put food transparency in the hands of consumers. We're so excited to be at the point of selling this product! We have an incredible team, headquartered in San Francisco, who has been working so hard for the past couple years to make this a reality, and are so proud and excited to get this on the market asap!
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Pre-orders have been shipped, and Nima is now generally available in the U.S.! After you purchase your Nima, download the companion iOS app in the Apple App Store to sync and share your results!
Alex Micu
Alex Micu@axelk · Creator Partnerships Director @ Crowdmix
What else does it detect besides gluten?
urban_mermaid/CarlaMakerHiring@u_m · VP Marketing, Nima
@axelk Right now the product will only test for gluten. We're currently working on peanut and dairy, with plans to add other ingredients. Long term we envision all sorts of things where people would want food transparency including pathogens and pesticides.
Waqarul Islam
Waqarul Islam@waqarulbislam · Princeton Student
This can honestly be life changing for people with allergies. When would you expect the dairy testing to be complete?
Scott Sundvor
Scott SundvorMakerHiring@scottsundvor · Co-Founder, 6SensorLabs
@waqarulbislam thank you! We're in the process of developing the dairy test now (as well as peanut) with a goal of releasing it in 2017