Nike Training Club 6.0

Nike's newest update to their work-out app

#4 Product of the DayMay 10, 2019
Nike Training Club helps you reach your fitness goals. Get fit anytime, anywhere with free workouts across strength, endurance, yoga & mobility. From bodyweight workouts to full-equipment exercises, discover personalized workout recommendations, just for you.
Maybe instead of nike spending money on an app like this one, they should fix some bad stuff the company is known for, like maybe they should use the money spent on this app to make progress towards paying a decent living wage? Maybe they should try to specify their sources for leather, wool and feather used in their products? Maybe they could use more eco-friendly materials? Maybe they could try to reach their goal of reducing their carbon emissions by 50% before 2025 or even reduce their emission by more than 50% before 2025? Maybe they could make a commitment to eliminate hazardous chemicals from their supply chain? But nooooo, they prefer to spend time, money, resources into making/improving an app that can generate them more profits.. Awww, how useful
@imromains I mean, this is product hunt
@dennis2 and I mean, this is the truth 💁✌️
@imromains Sure, yeah. Not really any comment on the product itself though
@imromains for the type of conversation you're looking to have, Reddit is probably a better fit for you.
@dennis2 not directly related to the product itself for sure, but the brand who owns the product :) It's like if fb was releasing another thing and we would have to ignore fb crappy ethics just because it's about one of their products, but not the company itself. I think more people should comment on the company itself rather than just the product :)
Some significant possible subscription revenue for Nike in this latest release: Now introducing 2 new features: Nike Training Club Premium and Workout Reminders! NIKE TRAINING CLUB PREMIUM Reaching your fitness goals just got easier. We’ve partnered with world renowned Nike Master Trainers to deliver their results-focused workouts and programs, straight to you. Subscribe now and get access to: • 4-6 Week Programs Led by Nike Master Trainers • Expert Nutrition & Wellness Guidance Including Mindset, Recovery, and Sleep • New Workout Formats Including On-Demand Classes and Whiteboard Workouts for Gym-style Training Apple Watch support for new NTC Premium Workout formats coming soon. WORKOUT REMINDERS You asked, we listened! Set reminders to help you stay motivated. And, like any athlete, we’re always focused on improvements to maximize our performance.
But will it work on Apple Watch without needing the phone nearby. My biggest blocker to really getting into using NTC
As much as I love Nike's products (I'm talking kicks), this app lacks something big for me: creating custom workouts. I think it would be cool if I could choose parts of their workouts and create my own custom workout. Maybe even take it a step forward and let me actually create my own workouts for people to subscribed to. This would be a cool utility feature as well as an opportunity for me to share with friends my workouts!
@marcoafabrega Hey Marco! My team & I are actually currently working on this exact idea - glad to see we're not the only ones with this vision. Let me know if you're interested in collaborating.
@kennybatista Always down to collaborate!
But will it work on Apple Watch without needing the phone nearby?