A Slackbot that tracks your team’s time.

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Guillermo LandínMaker@guillermo_landin · Product manager @ Nikabot
Hello Product Hunt! Very happy to be here today - big thanks @kwdinc! The idea of Nikabot was born at a company hackathon almost 2 years ago. Nika is our studio manager at Impossible Labs and part of her job was to make sure that everyone filled out their timesheets. She had to regularly nag projects managers, who in their turn would nag everyone on their project team. Since we are on Slack all the time, we thought why not build a bot that does exactly what our Nika does? Nikabot asks everyone on your team one question a day “What did you work on today?”. She then gathers that information and builds accurate Gantt charts and reports so that you can keep track of projects, oversee your team’s progress and bill clients. She pings you on Slack when you're online, no need to shuffle tabs, change context or get familiar with a new tool. We are here with @sarabsilveira, @rafaelgom3s and @victoria_ivanova to answer all your questions.
Nika Pereira E Carvalho@amoramarelo · studio manager, impossible labs
I am the Nika that Nikabot was named after :D Before we built Nikabot at Impossible, I was the one responsible for making sure timesheets were ready on time. This meant a lot of hustle and back and forcing - I had to ping project managers, and project managers had to ping their team, then they would get back me, I had to deliver to our CFO… I am happy that Nikabot took this responsibility over!
Victoria Ivanova@victoria_ivanova · Marketing & communications in tech
@amoramarelo Nika enters the stage! :)
Jan van Bruggen@jan_van_bruggen · Director of Technology
DIFR has been using Nikabot for almost 4 months. We use reports to compare the actual project duration with the estimations. At the same time, our management use reports to bill clients. The best thing about Nikabot is that she requires little time from us and just works.
Guillermo LandínMaker@guillermo_landin · Product manager @ Nikabot
@jan_van_bruggen Thanks! I'm happy she's behaving nicely :)
PedroHiring@pcbo · Co-founder @
We use Nikabot over at – happy client here!
Erick Barron@erickbarron86 · Webmaster
The bot looks a little creepy 😆 - it looks like it has hair on her cheek. Not sure it looks good mixing the face in front view perspective and the hair in side view. But nice product 😊
Victoria Ivanova@victoria_ivanova · Marketing & communications in tech
@erickbarron86 You didn't see her back in the days when she had just 1 eye and a square face :D
Maxim Okhokhonin@maxim_okhokhonin · AR Production, producer, designer
@erickbarron86 have been using nikabot for some time and do pretty agree with Erick :)
Guillermo LandínMaker@guillermo_landin · Product manager @ Nikabot
@maxim_okhokhonin @erickbarron86 Yeah, we've been meaning to give her a major makeover for a while but have been focusing on functionality. We'll get to it soon though, thanks for the feedback!