Colored light filter, screen dimmer & brightness control

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Malone Hedgesย โ€” Student
What features would convince me to switch from f.lux?
@malonehedges With NightTone you can also change the color of the light, not only orange. For example, people with photophobia are sensible to red (it actually depends here). Or, for example, you can use the green light spectrum to read better long text ๐Ÿ˜„
Ryan Hooverย โ€” Founder, Product Hunt
f.lux is my go-to for this, but I like how NightTone offers more color choices. Magenta Mac!
Adam Liebย โ€” Founder/CEO @ Innervate
@rrhoover if they get an iPhone app I'm in!
Jijo Joseย โ€” User Outreach Head @fitspurapp
@adamslieb @rrhoover Apple won't approve the app. #JustAppleThings
Pranay Sanghaviย โ€” TelecomBazaar
@adamslieb @rrhoover Accessibility > triple click for invert colors [anyway Apple has built in Night shift]
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