Colored light filter, screen dimmer & brightness control

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What features would convince me to switch from f.lux?
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@malonehedges With NightTone you can also change the color of the light, not only orange. For example, people with photophobia are sensible to red (it actually depends here). Or, for example, you can use the green light spectrum to read better long text 😄
f.lux is my go-to for this, but I like how NightTone offers more color choices. Magenta Mac!
@rrhoover if they get an iPhone app I'm in!
@adamslieb @rrhoover Apple won't approve the app. #JustAppleThings
@adamslieb @rrhoover Accessibility > triple click for invert colors [anyway Apple has built in Night shift]
Cool, but f.lux seems to cover the need here.
I'm always curious what the motivation behind making a product like this is. One that clearly has a very very strong competitor that is well loved by the community. I imagine the creator has some specific features they never liked in f.lux but still would love to hear the story.
If they added a feature that reminded you to turn it off when you are shopping online, that would be sweet. Never f.lux and buy clothes at the same time.
@zolihonig You can disable Flux per-app basis, highly recommended if you're doing some web-design in sketch or photoshop, lol!
@schpn Well what am I supposed to do with this orange-ish white shirt !?
@zolihonig Well, if it was something like full-orange you could do a somewhat non-legit Product Hunt shirt and get away with it, but honestly orange-ish white sounds like something hard to work on.