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Quentin Mittelette
Cofounder @ Beastly I ex @ Nightswapping
Hey Product Hunters! Travel websites always ask the same question over and over again: "Where do you want to go?". But what if you don't know where or want to go somewhere new? Enter NightSwapping. We've decided to remove our search bar and create a new (and fun!) experience for travelers in search of inspiration. With just a few clicks, let us know your preferences and we'll bring you unexpected suggestions of destinations and places to stay. Swipe right if you like the place and wait for your host to match in return! Furthermore, the initial concept behind NightSwapping is to swap nights (not money) allowing members to travel and stay for free at each others' places within a community of over 150,000 members in 160 countries. With money out of the equation, hosts and travelers can enjoy a truly authentic experience with no legal issues. The other perks? Comfort, flexibility, meeting locals, possibility of traveling with friends & family, etc... Glad to answer any questions you might have & feedback is more than welcome! Thanks :)
Kyle PearceDigital Educator at DIY Genius
Sounds like a great idea! I will definitely try it out.